The inspirations for my jewelry color combinations quite literally come from everywhere. Favorite sports team, various army, navy and hunting colors, a love of food (soup, condiments, etc), comic book characters and so much more! Color combos can come from anywhere. Let me know how I can turn your inspirations into a fun and beautiful piece of wearable art!!


Our Story

Although photography dominated a huge part of my life, the discovery of Chainmaille was an enormous milestone for me. Chainmaille dates back approximately 3,000 years and is described as “an armour that is made from a series of rings, woven together to form ‘metal fabric.’”  I quickly grew to love all of the unique, beautiful, fun, funky and quirky pieces I could make with Chainmaille. I often use anodized aluminum in order to add color and/or pizzazz to my pieces, stainless steel links for extra strength, as well as incorporating a large variety of beads, stones and crystals.

Chainmaille is one of the few art forms that is still done the same way it was 3,000 years ago, and is not a factory or mass produced item. Every single ring on a piece of Chainmaille jewelry is opened and closed by hand. Some pieces are made with as few as 5 rings, where others use more than 50,000. Although it is a lengthy process, I have a deep passion for creating all sorts of pieces ranging from a delicate pair of earrings to a full suit of armour.